This Burger costs more than your 13th Month Pay…

Pasok mga suki… Presyong Divi… Vegas pala!

We found this video of a burger that costs serious moolah. How serious? Five Big Ones, Baby! At the rate of P50 (more or less) to a dollar, each Fleurburger 5000 would set you back by P250,000 or a quarter million pesos. Now that’s rich, but the chef who makes it says its actually a bargain. Chef Hubert of the Royal Mandalay Bay in Vegas elaborates the ingredients of his burger.

Wagyu Beef, $100 (P5,000) per pound

Foie Gras (duck liver) $45 (P2,250) per pound,

Rare Black Truffles from France $1,500 (P75,000) per pound

Petrus ’95 Bordeaux Wine $6,000 (P300,000) per bottle

Each purchase comes with the empty bottle of the expensive Petrus wine and the crystal wine glasses as your souvenir . Ikaw tropa, sulit ba to para sa 13th month pay mo? Hit us with your comments and reactions on the comments below. Cheers!

Video by: Secret Lives of the Super Rich

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