This EPIC Breakfast DESTROYED my Hangover!

This is what happen when hangover creativity hits you… WHAMMM!

Once again, you found yourself between sleeplessness and hangover. Congratulations, you made it through the night and hunger pangs is literally boiling down deep inside you. You wrestle your body and head to the nearest fastfood. In front of you is a decision your mind can’t seem to ponder nor want to make, so you order both: Chessy Eggdesal with Ham and Chessy Eggdesal with Sausage patty. Of course, Hash brown and Black Coffee, yung matapang na kaya kang ipaglaban.

Suddenly, you remember a brain fart from the distant past, and you do it this time because it feels right, this will be your Epic Hangover Breakfast: Combine the two with the hash brown in the middle. Watch the video. This is blessedly awesome!

Chessy Eggdesal with Ham on the left; Chessy Eggdesal with Sausage on the right..

The marriage is about to begin… say I do!

[videopress oP9t0I21]

The First Bite… It’s so glorious and peaceful short of heaven on earth

For The LAST BITE… Add a lil Ketchup, cutting that creamy egg cheese flavor with some tartness… OH-gasmic!

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