This is Insanity! Monster Buta Yarou Ramen

Can you FINISH this Ramen or will it FINISH you?

Japan is one of the gastronomical capitals of the world and food challenges are abound in the country.


Nag-uumapaw sa sabaw at sarap…dios ko!

We found this video of the biggest bowls of ramen we have ever laid our eyes on and it literally took our breath away. Tucked in Akihabara, Tokyo is Yaro Ramen that serves Mega Yarou Ramen which weighs more than a kilo of food per serving. The ingredients are noodles, beansprouts, 3 thick slices of braised pork, bamboo shoots, soft boiled egg, and dried seaweeds, wala pa yung broth nyan mga chong, that will bind the whole dish together. The Mega Ramen will set you back 1200 Yen or Php 590.00, is quite a steal considering that most ramen restaurants available in the country is Php 400.00 per serving, though you have to fly to Tokyo, Japan first to taste it. Cheers!

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