This New Hobby is CONQUERING the Social Media of Japan!!!

You cant expect anything less from Japan, they really aim for excellence!

While most of our Filipino youth are busy being HYPEBEASTS and strolling around tourist spots and malls, the Youth of Japan has invented a new hobby that requires determination, patience and hard work. The new craze that’s hitting the Japanese Social Media is Aluminum Foil Ball Polishing. Sobrang astig lang talaga ng kayang gawin ng kaunting sipag, pagpupursige at pasensya. Cheers!

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It all starts as a rough ball made of foil..

Image result for japanese aluminum balls

They hammered the edges to even them out…

Image result for japanese aluminum balls

After a long process of hammering, its time to polish it to bring out the shine…

Image result for japanese aluminum balls

What comes out are polished awesome balls that proves the maker’s patience, determination and hardwork… ASTIG!

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