Weirdest Pulutan Shared with Us…

Minsan di mo alam kung trip lang, pero syempre panalo kung seryoso…

We have a Facebook group page that caters to our Kapuluts cravings to share their pulutan pictures and videos. Click Here: Share Your Pulutan  So far, we have a strong following and the contributions are pouring in. But sometimes, may mga pasaway na komikero talaga sa group, na solid ang effort to share their wickedly brilliant ideas for pulutan. Here are some of those. Come, join the group and share yours too! Cheers!

Tamilok (Shared by Rufus Moneva‎)

Sinigang na Bangus? (Shared by Axel James Farin Gappi‎)

Adobong Isaw ng Manok (Shared by Kevinn Zandrell Enriquez‎)

Hany (Shared by Aldrink Ae‎)

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