Which of these women do you have?

Or your planning to be your valentines date… We show you how!


Men are a nature of habit. More than usual, we have the same type of women all through out our life in different degrees but the same nature still. Maski gaano natin sabihin na ayaw na natin ng ganung klaseng ugali or itsura, we fall for them. Para sa mga singles dyan that really want to have that change in their love life, know the type of lady you’re ex was and pick another type of woman from these types.

The Career Woman – These types of women doesn’t want anything to do with you, for now at least. They have their career goals to attend to and you’re just a cute little distraction. Some of them come in power dresses and would intimidate the shit out of you if you’re not up to the task. Come towards them with great confidence, your own set of goals and you might snag a keeper that works as hard as you do. Though at times, some of these women focus more on their career rather than how they look, you might find someone like a diamond in the rough, a lil TLC and some polishing will do the trick. You just need to be the great reason for them to go slow and admire the present.

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The Alpha Female – they know their beautiful, they command attention and will make you wait for their bid and call. These women are considered trophy girlfriends or wives because having them will give you admiration of your peers. Going to your awards night, will be a charm and showcasing your woman would not be a problem. These women like Alpha Males, power and money, so put up your A+++ game.

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The Domesticated Homemaker – These women are what our parents want us to have. Somebody who can keep the house clean, cook like a Michelin Star Chef, take care of the kids and be our partner in crime. They like the white picketed fence house with a dog dream. They are hopeless romantic and will surely make you feel like a real man. It’s a bit hard to find them nowadays with women empowerment and independent woman notions, but if you do she is a keeper. Just don’t expect to work too to make ends meet, so work your butt off for these women, they deserve it.

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The Cowgirl Guy’s Girl – These are Man’s biggest weakness. They are the ladies that loves to watch sports, chugs beer better than you, hits the gym like an Amazona and eats like bear. They like wearing their hair in pony tails and goes out in sporty sexy shirts and shorts. Easy on the saddle, gentlemen, they give out the perfect girlfriend vibe but they dish us the most friend zone cards like a MRT card dispenser. They love quick witted blokes and good humor so play your cards right and make her laugh, mahuhulog din ang puso nyan sa kakatawa.

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The Drama Queen – The born romantic of all the bunch, these women love to spice up the relationship with KDrama and Tele-novela hills and valleys. They do this to get attention, and if you can take all that with a pinch of salt, then you’re some badass King to them. And Royalty you shall be treated, hinde ka masyadong gwapo, to them you are and more. Not feeling sexy, they can boost your confidence like Popeye on spinach. Take care of your Queen and she will crown you, just don’t get caught with a wandering eye if you don’t want to see a marathon series worth of drama squeezed into one hour. Take heart, mate.

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The Sporty Health Buff – This is a more active version of the cowgirl, we might call these women as Bullgirl because their stronger as an ox, faster than a cheetah and rocks abs more than your neighborhood pandesalan can offer. They are Adrenalin junkies and loves wherever adventure takes them. Sometimes they’re almost considered as men, they sometimes smell as one too. But don’t get dismay, Champ, the stronger they are the easier they are to fall. Think like a man, and be that lady version to snare these beautiful beast. Be romantic, throw your ego to the wind, be humble and keep the supporting role. Even Lady Beastmode needs a cheerleader!

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