Witness the event that LAST happened 150 years ago…

Maglabasan na ang mga Super Saiyans, Buwan na ng Pag-ibig!!!

The evening of January 31st this year will be extra special. This event last happened over 150 years ago, and since wala namang taong buhay pa noon hanggang ngayon, this will be the first time we will witness the SUPER BLOOD BLUE MOON.

Even though it is popular in literature with the phrase: “once in a blue moon”, Blue moons are not that rare, it is normally the second full moon of the month. The bluish moon is the result of smoke and dust particles in the atmosphere. Blood Moon’s are lunar eclipses that has a reddish hue to it because of the effect of the sun on the moon. All these phenomenon, for the first time, will also coincide with a Super Moon, a full moon with the closest distance between the moon and earth. Think about it, a moon that starts blue then turns red while bigger than the usual full moon. That’s AMAZING… but the best news is that our country is positioned to see the whole spectacle so be sure to bring out your telescopes and witness this event with your special person. Cheers!


Video by: The Cosmos News




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