You wont believe it’s 100% Filipino Made: The MOST Expensive Donut

That’s Php 50,000 per piece, hinde pa kasama sugar excise tax dyan!!!

We, Filipino,s are a proud race, so proud that a lil online bashing about us and we show our dark side like a scorned woman on a bitch fit.  We are also very industrious and creative people and another kababayan has shown these traits to be true. Manila Social Club in Brooklyn, USA’s Chef and Co-founder Bjorn Dela Cruz has made one of the most expensive food, The $100 Golden Ube Crystal Donut.

We found this video from Forbes, where our kababayan Chef Bjorn, showed how his donut is made. And like any great food, it is best made and served with a bottle of booze, this time, a $200 per pop Crystal Champagne. Show some Filipino Pride, would you buy this donut? Cheers!

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