18 Bites of Awesome Goodness…

OMG! You wont get OMAY  with these Omakase

Omakase is a Japanese Art of Dining… each bite is a master piece in itself. We did a previous article about it here, Oh My OMAKASE  and since then we have been looking for the best ones in the Philippines, sadly we have’nt.

What we did find is Singapore’s best 18 course Sushi Omakase, and its awesome in each bite. The meticolous handling of the food is top notch.  This Omakase will set you back 100 Singapore Dollars or almost Php 4,000. We should find a reason to celebrate to even consider eating at that hefty price, but we wonder, our country is brimming in variety and quality of good grade seafood, why we haven’t had a hub for omakase kind of dining totally escapes me. Pair these food with cold good beer or sake. Cheers!

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