4 Reasons to FALL in LOVE with this BURGER recipe..


Who doesn’t love a piece of meat between buns? Burgers have almost been a surefire good replacement if you cant get your proper meal of rice and viand. Madalas din gawing cheat meal ang mga to along with a cold beer. But here are the reasons why we feel in love with this recipe:

  1. Four Burger Patties for that full-on beef flavor
  2. Each burger patty is infused with bacon chips
  3. Three kinds of Cheese: Provolone, American Cheese and Cheddar Jack Cheese
  4. Special Sauce: Okonomi plus Mayo

We have found this video recipe of Quadzilla Burger and we want to share it with you because we fell in love with it. Watch the short cut version above but if mas trip nyo yung madiinan na video, check out the one below. Cheers!

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