A Ramen Recovery Tale

If you’re one of the many ramen heads out there then this photo you can easily identify.  It’s the red king ramen from Ramen Nagi.

We promised a ramen recovery tale so here it goes…

One epic night, too epic to remember… so we’re just gonna go ahead and jump to the morning after.

We woke up with a massive hangover, a hangover that will rival the hangover from the movie the hangover.. it was an epic hangover.

We were desperate for a remedy so we can return to society as responsible citizens. *ehem*

We tried our famous silogs..

We tried gatorade and coke…

We did berocca and it only turned our pee to ultra yellow…

Then we chanced upon the mighty Ramen Nagi! We knew we needed spicy. Desperate times call for desperate spicy (what?)

So we ordered the Red King Level 2.. not 1… but 2.. spicy.  It burned. We started to sweat. We struggled to finish… but we did.  And it was an epic recovery.

Slept the whole day that day. *bow*

So next time you’re in desperate need of a hangover recovery remedy..

…think of Ramen Nagi…

The Red King Leve 2 Spicy..

Wa-cha cha!

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