Ang PINAKA DEADLY na Pulutan

One wrong move and you’ll find yourself at the least in the hospital…

In the islands, this is called a “butete”, in Japan its called “Fugu” but it is widely known as the Puffer Fish and one bite of this dish from a newbie chef might meant your death.

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This video we found is an interview about a chef that has for the last 45 years has served this dish to his clients. He fully recognize that each of his customers’ life lies in his experienced and passionate hands. Passionate you may ask, since a chef must have at least been an apprentice for 10 years before given the authority to serve this dish.

Image result for fugu fish dish

Which made us think, would you risk your life to an old and experienced chef but who’s senses might fail him or a young off from apprenticeship chef but lacks the experience? This Pulutan is a once in a life time experience unless your one of those thrill junkies. If you are, then we hope you push down that deadly pulutan with the best liquor you have. It might be the last. Cheers!

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