Balbacua Soup No.5 of Agusan del Sur

Dios ko po, may ugat- ugat pa!

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of braving the bundoks of Agunsan del Sur to try a local specialty, the Balbacua Soup No.5. Balbacua is a soup made of cow skin that is slow cooked to make it tender and soft. The result is a “malaput” soup that is savory and spicy.

The Soup No.5, a mythical soup made of bull’s male genitalia, literally the bat and balls as it is well known in the tagalog region. Mythical because, many say that it has mystical powers that make men…errr… extra generous! hahaha. Watch the video, my oousin Moman Jaranilla really hooked us up with a wiener este winner pala, may ugat ugat pa! Cheers!

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