Can You Handle the DEATH NOODLES?

This noddles makes Samyang more like a sweet dessert…

Since it went viral, Korea’s Samyang Spicy Noodle Challenge has dominated the ultimate challenges we do during parties, events and get togethers. But a new challenger wants to take the crown.

The Death Noddles in Indonesia or Indomie Pedas Mampus noddles are the spiciest noodles at 20Million Scoville. You can order it at Abang Adek in Jakarta, Indonesia. The name of the resto alone could make any Filipino cringe, it reads like “inaabangan ng mga adek” ang noodles na to. They use a variety of chili that looks like our very own siling labuyo or bullet peppers and each plate gets a mashed version of 100 pieces of the fiery fruit. Are you up for the challenge?

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