Chanko Nabe: Sumo Soup

This is the reason why sumo wrestlers grow big and strong…

We found this video about Chanko Nabe, its the soup that makes sumo wrestlers grow big and strong. Eating this soup is part of their training and discipline, consuming more than 10 servings of this sumo stew per day is not only a grueling task, its awe inspiring.

Image result for sumo wrestler eating

When we talk about sport diets, the notion of portioning and controlled consumption comes to mind. We did feature mega diets from Olympics Hall of Fame Micheal Phelps and Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao, but their sports takes into consideration the time to burn calories and endurance they need to sustain to perform their sport. Swimming and boxing sometimes takes time before it ends, Sumo on the other hand takes a few split seconds per duel. We bet its a great after inuman binge food or hangover cure. Watch the video, are you man enough to eat this amount of food. Cheers!

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