Cheeseburger inside French Fries!!!

This is ABSOLUTE genius… we’re almost speechless.

There comes a time in a man’s life that you get that massive smack in the head, that makes you think of great ideas and we think this just happened.

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We found this video of a cheeseburger inside french fries, but the good news is, there is also a cheeseburger that is inside a hash brown. Paki tawag ang doctor ko, I think I will collapse (collap kung isang beses, eh dalawang petmalung foods ‘to, so collapse) sa sobrang saya napaaga ata ang Christmas ko bigla!

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These bad boys of burgers consists of 4 massive burger patties and 6 slices of cheese, you just want to spank them coz their naughty. These patties are made of chopped brisket, short ribs and bacon, Oh Lord its soooo good! Tapos ilalagay mo pa sa either crushed potato wedges or even better diced French fries. Argh, good things do happen to those who wait! Bringing in the total weight of almost 2.5KGs. We can’t imagine the crunchiness, the savory taste of the cheese and burger, wash it all down with a colder than your ex-gf beer… pure heaven! Doctor, you may revive me every time I hit flatline. Cheers!

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