Conquer that Buffet: Sugod mga Kapatid!!!

How to maximize that buffet, pare?


Nothing beats the scents and sounds of restaurant with buffet. The organized chaos behind the kitchen as it gears up to serve a plethora of customers. It takes an army to feed an army. The kitchen staff, like a well-oiled machine or an orchestra that plays harmoniously, works like a well-disciplined military to the orders of its general. Yes, ladies and gents, the buffet is served. Attack!

1. Come prepared, hungry (but not famished) and in casual clothes.

This is neither a beauty pageant nor a formal event. Being pretty is optional. Being full after, mandatory.

2. Don’t starve yourself before that buffet adventure.

Like in any battle, you’re in it to win it, so prepare yourself by eating light breakfast.

3. Find that perfect spot.

A few steps from the main table will do, near the main course, and away from the drinks and desserts (more on that later).

4. Start to build your appetite.

Go for the appetizers but not too much. As what my friend said, it is a marathon, not a sprint. Kalma lang, because there is plenty for everyone..

5. Stay away from the carbohydrates. 

It fills you up fast, and by all accounts, the most affordable food group in the table. Wag mag-unli-rice. If you can’t avoid it, try palm-sized servings for the taste.

6. Drink water rather than any soda or juice (or even beer) available. 

Sugary and carbonated drinks make you feel full. Stay with water. Hinde ito inuman.

7. Go for the highest price points.

Mas mahal, mas sulit. Seafood, steak, and cheese. A few of these will equalize the price of the buffet. More, and you claim victory!

8. Take your time. Taste everything.

Experience all of it. Take very quick breaks in between rounds for food to settle, then attack again.

9. Eat with your barkada.

Eating in groups will make conquering the buffet a breeze. Exchange notes, and share your observations as teamwork is necessary. Parang basketball lang ito mga bro: masarap kumain pagpanalo.

10. If you have a sweet tooth, and a meal is not complete without dessert, go for that dark chocolate or any fruit that fancies you.

Desserts are not the most expensive but they are the most enjoyable, plus this signals the battle is about to end. Extra calories din ito, kaso kung hindi maiiwasan, kawawa ang pipigil sayo.

Armed with such buffet wisdom, time to conquer it like a champion. Keep that tupperware and ziplock away. ‘Wag ka ng magbaon, Bradley! Gutom lang tayo. Hindi tayo walang hiya. Stay classy. Cheers!


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