Crispy Pancit Palabok

This is definitely a MUST TRY…

Filipino Cuisine is really making huge waves in the food industry scene. Take for example  this home grown restaurant making a huge splash with this native dish, The Crispy Pancit Palabok.

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Pancit Palabok served two ways: the Classic and the Twist

A few days ago, we visited Manam, for their classic Filipino dishes with a twist. This Crispy Pancit Palabok caught us in awe. Not only is it served in style, the crispy noodles soaks up the sauce, that every bite is a revelation of how good our own cuisine really is. A hearty dish that is both flavorful and downright satisfying. Another thing with Manam is that you could order each dish to the size you want: small for personal consumption, medium for two or large if the whole family is sharing. If you love Filipino Cuisine, come visit Manam, this dish is definitely a must try along with all the others they have to offer. IF its PINOY FOOD, it MUST BE GOOD! Cheers!

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