Its must be the food coz this lady is hella cute and disarming..

Mukbang or Muck muck to this fine young lady is nothing new. We have scene it all. Men, women, and children have done this stunt in the most glorifying and horrifying way. But this lady we cant seem to take our eyes off.

This is Chachi Gonzales a youtube star, choreographer, actress, dancer and a foodie. She seems to be familiar with Filipino food and that’s always ASTIG in our books. But this time she tries our national fast food, Jollibee, and then cuteness overload starts and the food is not the even half part of it. Each bite counts as if a cheer to Filipino Palate, each burp a thunderous applause to every hard working Filipino that tries to influence their foreign friends in a foreign land to try our food, our culture… Mabuhay po kayo! Cheers!