Epic Meal Time Movie Presents: The Most Expensive Pizza

The boys from Vegas are back, and they start with the best thing yet… Gold coated PIZZA

The Epic Meal Time guys have been churning videos for 8 years now, and each Tuesday of the week since 2010, their legions of followers have come witness to their awesomeness creative that always shocks the world like defibrillator shock to a heart attack victim.

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Many haters of the channel have said that it is dead and the channel will end soon enough. What started as a hack to upgrade the pizza experience, shall once again rise with their most expensive pizza worth $ 2, 384 or Php 119, 200 pesos. They went crazy with the gold foil and covered the whole crust with it. You can kill whats dead but the dead can always go for the kill.  Watch the video and see what goes into that pizza. Cheers!

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