Filipino Cheesesteak – Epic Meal Time

Thats a whole Lechon in a sandwich… Wickedly EPIC!

We found this video of the EPIC MEAL TIME, famous for what else, transforming insanely amounts of food to epic feast! And this time, they wanted an all authentic FILIPINO MEAL, with balut included.

This Filly Cheesesteak ingredients are Adobo Bacon, Pork Adobo, Lechon Meat, Palabok, Sisig, Swiss Cheese (guessed they cant get a hold of Kesong Puti) on a HUGE pandesal bun with Lechon Sauce and Filipino Banana Ketchup, toppped off with Lechon SKIN.

Image result for Philly Cheesesteak Epic meal time

A Standard Size Philly CheeseSteak…

This meal has 6,255 grams of fat and has a whopping 150,739 calories.. It really is a shocker, we beat they cant finish it in one seating. Watch the video! Cheers!

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