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Tomadors of the Philippines rejoice and thank your stars for another innovation that will hit our Bahay- Alak! The people of Lander’s Philippines, Yes, that membership shopping brand that’s new to our shores is bring with them Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream.

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They have 10, count your fingers folks, ten amazing flavors for both wine and ice cream lovers to choose from. Do you have a particular go-to wine or you might be open to try other flavors, check all their flavors below. Cheers!

  1. Peach White Zinfandel – Sweet Celebration. We’ve handpicked a White Zinfandel distinguished for its fruity undertones and pleasant finish, and blended it with succulent peaches.
  2. Chocolate Cabernet – Rich…a chocolate lover’s dream. We’ve united a Cabernet wine filled with dried cherry and cassis notes with our chocolate ice cream filled with bits of bittersweet chocolate morsels.
  3. Cherry Merlot – Sophisticated. We’ve chosen a Merlot wine recognized for its
    plum and black cherry undertones, and accentuated it with plump Bordeaux cherries.
  4. Lemon Sparkling – Refreshing. We’ve uncorked a bubbly Prosecco known for its notes of Meyer lemon and perfectly paired it with bits of lemon zest throughout.
  5. Port – Inspiring. For our original creation, we discovered an award-winning Ruby Port appreciated for its luxurious, heavily-body flavor and velvety smoothness.
  6. Strawberry Sparkling – Bubbly. We’ve uncorked a sweet champagne and paired it perfectly with ribbons of shimmering strawberries.
  7. Red Raspberry Chardonnay – Classic elegance. We’ve taken an oak-aged Chardonnay, known for its delicate nose and buttery smooth taste, and paired it with fresh red raspberries.
  8. Shiraz – Lavish. We’ve selected an award-winning Shiraz known for its rich aromas of berry and smoky orange peel and then tucked in bite-size dark chocolate cups filled with raspberry.
  9. Riesling – Simply chic. We’ve selected a dry white wine, prized for its fruity, crisp, effervescent quality and well-balanced taste.
  10. Spice – Warm. We’ve selected a fragrant red mulled wine known for its moderate
    sweetness balanced with the warmth of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove.


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