Godzilla Gyoza Challenge

Hinde sya imposible, pero hinde din sya biro…


Weighing at 5.5 kilos or equivalent sa isang taong sanggol, this gyoza is the biggest in Japan, maybe in the whole world. And you have one hour to eat it all or you pay $100 or Php5,400 or almost one thousand pesos per kilo ng gyoza. Its equal to 100 pieces of gyoza at P55  per piece.

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Given the risk and glory involve, kaya eh but the  risk  of  over paying for a gyoza kills the purpose of this challenge for us.  There is no such thing as a Php 1,000 per kilo gyoza and kung meron man, this is not it,  unless if they use wagyu beef in the stuffing  then all gloves are off. In food, we dont mind paying extra  if the food  is worth it. Cheers!

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