How to Eat Crabs: Crab n’ Crew Way

With “Himay Skills” like this, you will be craving for crabs in no time! Check out this video to upgrade yours!

Video by: Crab n’ Crew

There is nothing more gorgeous than to see food este to eat seafood. Unfortunately, I am allergic so I guess makontento na lang ako manuod ng video na to plus a beer in my hand. The people of Crab n’ Crew obliged us with their video on How to Eat their crab.  And Oh boy, their crabs looked great. They should wash it all down with a pint of beer or two. Should i risk death and eat a crab myself? That’s another story all together, but those crabs have made their case convincingly.

So before attacking the nearest Crab n’ Crew branch, see this video first. As for me, lets see if I can fetch a gloried crab stick from the fridge. Enjoy!

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