London’s Moldiest Cheese

Ano ba to, cheese na inamag o amag na tinubuan ng cheese? HAHAHA

We found this video about Jumi Cheese, a Swiss Cheese store in London’s oldest market, the Borough. Jumi Cheese is famous for selling the moldiest cheese in London and its best seller is the Blue Brain. Well, you guessed it, it looks like a brain and is covered with blue mold. The mold naturally develops while the cheese is cured inside a cave.

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 We would love to say it looks delicious but it isnt for the faint of heart. People who loves cheese would definitely get the kick out of it as it has the look blue cheese but a different unique flavor and  a slight pungency due to the natural mold. If you’re not a fan of cheese, we bet you would down a full bottle of beer before eating this Blue Brain. Cheers!

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