Nilasing na Pizza… We Lit!!!

Naluma bigla ang Nilasing na Hipon… Try nyo to Nilasing na Pizza!!!

We found this video of Chef Henny hitting up the kitchen again with his favorite sauce, Hennessy Cognac!

The guy sure loves the stuff, he includes it in every step of the way in creating this masterpiece, The Henny Pizza.

He rolls the dough with the bottle, careful to add a few drops of the sauce to add some flavor. He kneads it, massages a healthy dose of Hennessy just to make sure the dough absorbs all its goodness. A good splash of Hennessy again to the tomato sauce to add some deep robust smokey notes. A sprinkle of dry oregano to get that Italian vibe into it, a splash of Hennessy too, to get that French twist to it. Slam dunk a good serving of cheese on top and pop it in the oven and wait. There you have it, the Nilasing na Pizza. We Lit!!!

Video by: Harvey J

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