As much as we are proud of our Cebu Lechon, this beast rolling in a rotisserie is not as lightweight as it may seem. Yes, its a British version of lechon and it looks mean.

We found this video of a whole pig rolling in a large barbecue oven and its tough to negate the awesomeness that oozes from it. Comparing it to our own Cebu Lechon would be a match like Pacquiao versus Hatton because it may look big and bulky but this English version lacks the spices and flavor. For us its mean, given the way they sliced that skin giving it a zebra look fashion. To be fair, the treatment of this pig was pure love, how the cook rubbed that flavoring-in but not so much to gain passion for it. This meat would be bland, a bit dry, sure but the end result would be a glorious pulled pork sandwich not as a viand, a star attraction on every fiesta. Take it as it is, this pig is still epic and deserves a place in our food table. Cheers!