Packed in all that flavors…Clay Baked Chicken Recipe

Just in case, hinde pa kayo na-chachallenge sa buhay nyo.. gawin nyo to.


Baking Chicken is not really rocket science but just in case you want a bit of a challenge then we got you fam.

This is Clay Baking a whole chicken and this will take that okay roast chicken of yours and make it AWESOME. Yes, the first steps are just as mundane as the normal chicken roast but the aromatics used on this recipe is packed inside with four layers of material, infusing that chicken meat with all the flavors. The chicken is wrapped in Banana Leaf, Parchment paper, Foil and then Clay. Making sure that no air comes and goes out of the chicken. If you can taste fire, we bet you can seal that in to with this technique. Cheers!

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