Peruvian SPICY Crabs Recipe…

Elevate that Crab Game to another level, Peruvian style!

We found this video of a recipe for spicy crab but with a Peruvian twist. If medyo sawa ka na sa simpleng boiled crabs (alam namin…NEVER), here’s an option to “spice” things up, pun intended.

The ingredients: Crabs, oil, onion, garlic, salt, black pepper, turmeric, egg, Peruvian Yellow Aji  (you may use Siling Haba na maahang variety, yung mas maiikli na klase na bilugan compared sa normal na medyo flat and shape.(spicy) serve with Yucca (Fresh Cassava Root or kamoteng kahoy)

The recipe is easy to do,though some of the ingredients are syempre hinde masyadong available sa palengke dito sa Pinas, that’s why we provided alternatives. One thing that we immediately notice is that she was cooking with frozen crabs without the aligue, repa! Foul yun! We suggest you use fresh and live crabs with the aligue of course. It would be a bit more tricky to prepare but we guarantee better results. If mahirap maghanap ng ibang alternative sa yucca, use singkamas instead. The heat of this dish will blend nice with the cold juiciness of singkamas. Watch the video to learn the steps. Cheers!


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