President Duterte’s Favorite Restaurant

According to our sources, Pres. Digong no longer drinks *wink*  No, seriously, ndi daw umiinom na *wink*… talga, sabi nila di na daw *wink* Haha

Kidding aside, the man has done so much and for that, let’s raise our glasses *cheers*

We were fortunate enough to get some seats (puno na kasi lagi) at his favorite hangout and restaurant in davao city last time we were there and sa sarap ng food dun, bilib kami na hindi na sya umiinom. Sarap na pulutan guys!

And here are the must-try, pwedeng pampulutan dishes

(video/photos from Yellow Fin Page)

Tuna Belly!

Tuna Laing!  Need extra rice now.


Binagoongang Baboy!



All meat platter

Seafood platter

At madami pang iba guys! We couldn’t find a picture of that famous monggo dish pero masarap din daw.






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