PULUTAN BATTLE: Bagnet Vs Lechon Kawali

 Both with the same main ingredient but who is the better pulutan?

Naku kung di ba sumakit ang ulo nyo kung anong mas masap, pwes malamang panigurado puputok ang batok nyo. This is the Pulutan Battle and we aim to resolve, anong ang mas panalong pulutan para sa’yo… Bagnet or Lechon Kawali.

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And the gloves are off, as both dishes are made of the same main ingredient pork belly. On the additional ingredients, the all natural Bagnet boast of no artificial flavors while the Lechon Kawali opts for the added flavors to boost its winning edge. On the procedure side, Lechon Kawali is boiled with flavorings for an hour and 15 minutes then fried while the Bagnet is boiled in water and pork oil for 3 hours and then finished with a high heat fry. For condiments, Bagnet is served or best paired with chopped tomatoes, onions and a dash of Ilocos Bagoong (Fish kind) or plain Sukang Ilocos. Soy sauce with kalamansi and siling labuyo is served next to Lechon Kawali but Mang Tomas gravy is also a great option. Both dishes can be eaten with cold beer but is much better with hard liquor like brandy, whiskey, rhum or gin.

So who is the winner of this battle? Share your votes on the comments section. Cheers!



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