Pulutan Value Meals

Kapag-Linggo de Peligro na, and the barkada needs booze and pulutan to keep them sane.

Almost everyone who grinds it out in this chaotic metropolis knows that all we need is some mid-week chill to reset everything and to finish strong for the week. Pero sabi nga nila, hindi araw-araw pasko. So what will you do when the budget is so tight and dabarkads needs their sudden dose of booze and pulutan? Here are three recipes to stretch that budget for a mahaba-habang inuman.

The Classic Skyflakes and Canned Tuna

Photo by: Healthy Juan

Alam na natin ito pero may twist! Being the designated cook of the barkada need not be a hassle. Just pop open a few cans of tuna and a few packs of Skyflakes! Since some of us are advanced cooks, sautéing the tuna meat with garlic and half-an-onion brings out the flavor. Add a few tablespoons of mayonnaise then salt and pepper to taste.

The Sardine Omelette and fried rice on the side

Photo by: MCBOY

I know, I know. Ito ay inuman, at hindi picnic sa Luneta but this is military-style pulutan, mga repa! You see, sa daming pwedeng kainin ng mga sundalo kung saan man sila nakadestino, canned sardines are the last but will always be an available food item (what they can cook with it, that’s another story). Simple lang at quick to prepare! Open two cans of sardines, crack an egg, and mix them together. Mash the fish until the whole thing is well-mixed then fry. To add flavor, you may opt to fry the sardines first without the sauce.Add minced garlic anddiced onions. Then comes the rice. Patay kang bahaw ka!!! (Bahaw is cold rice leftover) Fry this on a skillet where you cooked the sardines. This will absorb the remaining flavors and heat the rice to a just the right temperature. Do not mix the two items. This will ensure that everyone gets something. Pulutan nga e!

The Sinigang na Corned Beef

Photo from: Kusina 101

Don’t expect Sentro 1771-type pero para sa pulutan, solve na siya! This technique I learned from another designated cook of alien origin. Let’s just call him Blem. We were on a “Bente-Lang-Ang-Patak-Lalarga-Na” session. Being the cook among the “tinatamads” and the “just came for the booze”pips that he is, Blem has this knack of cooking pulutan that (a) can serve everyone, (b) hit the right spot, and (c) puwede ka mag-uwi kung may sobra.  In his version of Sinigang na Corned Beef, you will need obviously canned corned beef (the cheaper, the better), and Sinigang Mix.  Dissolve Sinigang Mix in water, add one whole onion julienne-sliced then wait to boil over medium heat. While boiling, add corned beef and stir until the meat strands are loose. Bam! That’s the pulutan!

These are just a few ideas to stretch what you have left for the week but still have a great time with friends. Pero mas masarap ba ‘yung sa inyo, mga boss? Share it with us in the comments below and you might just see us try it out in one of our videos.

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