Quail Egg and Shrimp Balls

Pray hard that we could have this on the nearest kanto…

This is a tale of two exceptional street food that so far has yet to hit our shores. But starting tonight we might as well pray that these goodies arrive quick fast and in a hurry.

Fried Quail Egg Skewers and Quail Egg and Shrimp Balls are amazing concepts that we believe would hit the right spot for any Filipino stomach. The skewer dish is unique, we didn’t imagine that fried pugo could be served this way like a fishball of sorts with dressings and nori garnish.But what really blown my mind to oblivion is the Quail Egg and Shrimp Ball, a version of tokoyaki but using the shrimp as the filling with the pugo egg as sealer/ toppings. Amazing, lets pray together for these dishes. Cheers!

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