Russian Dumplings

 Could this version of dumplings make a huge splash?

Every country has its own version of dumplings and we found this video about Daa! Dumplings, its a new dumpling joint out to conquer the palates of New Yorkers. They shared a shortened recipe of how they make their dumplings and we think its a definite try. We haven’t tried putting butter in our dumplings before may it be Chinese or Japanese variety (which is the most common ones here in the country) but this is an absolute MUST TRY! Paano kaya tirada nito with a bottle of cold beer ba o mas swak ang hard alcohol? Since its from Russia, we think VODKA is best for this dish! Cheers!

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Pelmeni, Russian dumplings coated with butter and herbs served with pickle and dip

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Khinkali, Georgian version of xiao long bao

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