Pagpayat may discount, asan ang hustisya???

Papatok kaya ito sa Pinas? Pagpayat ka may discount ka, pag sayo nakadepende ang kalahati ng kita ng isang resto linggo linggo, wala kang discount. San ang hustiya?

Apparently, this is how this resto in China show some love for all the helfty , plus size people that eat their food. No food is wasted, when we above average weight class consume food, so we are indirectly saving the planet by lowing the waste these restaurants make and the skinny guy with half-eaten everything gets the discount. For shame, a Super Sized man can equal to up to four persons in sales and we do it when we’re happy, sad and blah days. This restaurant is hurting itself, its just sad. Like a drug pusher selling non-addictive drugs, it may be the fad of the moment but its not sustainable. Cheers!