SALT BAE’s Boiling Butter Steak

Cook that steak in two simple steps… The Salt Bae way…

Salt Bae knows how to elevate any dish with a bit of fizzas and flair. By that we mean, any guy can put salt on steak, but ever since this dude hit the viral highway, you have done your dash of salt a little bit peculiar. A little bit like him, through you arms, down to your elbow as if you making that free throw shot to win the game.

The guy literally created a new way of putting salt on a dish but this time in this video, we found a a guy who’s unsure of what the Salt Bae can do. Steak has got to be the manlinest food there is, and the Bae cooks his with two steps. Sear the steak and then doused them with boiling butter. Would it be a big hit? Watch the video. Cheers!

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