These will surely get you out the dog house and inside the kulambo…

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The people of Lazy Bastard Ph had a noble idea of making gift giving a tad more practical. How many times have we heard the comment, “ano ba yan, di naman nakakain?!” to some extent some of our male brethren even took the obvious route by giving one sack of rice just to please his woman. But we’re that crude, so we found you a better alternative brought to you by the Lazy Bastard PH… Bacon Roses! Its not rocket science, its baked bacon on fake roses stalks. The good part is you can order them and have them delivered to the door-steps of your love ones.

½ Dozen of Awesome Bacon Roses (P 1,500)
1 Dozen of Awesome Bacon Roses (P 2,200)
– Supplies are limited so get first dibs NOW.
For pre-orders, message us on Facebook!
Available within Metro Manila only.

Though here in Pulutan Club, we always go the extra mile so if you want to try making your own bacon roses you can always follow the easy steps below on the video we found. Go get ’em, Tiger! Cheers!