Takeru Kobayashi Set Record For Sisig

Famous competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi recently visited the Philippines for the HistoryCon event. There he set the record for most grams of SISIG eaten. Unbelievable. Although we think that many local tambays at tomadors out there with hands rubbing their bellies, shirt halfway up, could give the Takeru a good run for his money.  Not sure about the time tho. If paired with cold beer and a whole night to burn, pwede.. pwede.

In 2 minutes, Kobayashi ate 2,300 grams of Sisig which officially gives him a world record on most sisig eaten in 2 mins.  We’re not sure if an existing record even exists so this is probably a first.  As a pinoy, if you eat sisig with no beer or rice, challenge nga. Haha.

Check out Kobayashi’s gobbling mouth machine in action: *cheers*

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