Talabang kasing laki ng Kamay…

Pagdito hinde ka pa nagka-gana… iba na kailangan mo…

We found this video of a giant oysters, and ang laki lang talaga nya, shot in Japan, we are not surprised about the size, people there then to buy the biggest and fresheist seafood available. What caught our attention was, this thing is just a street food, the likes of it dito sa Pinas is isaw, kwek-kwek at its best squid ball or balut. Anak ng… wala na bang tayo itatapat na mas malupet?

Image result for japanese street food giant oysters

This one piece of oyster will set you back, 1,200 Japanese Yen or about Php600. Yes, mahal sya, kasing presyo ng bus papuntang Baguio. Best paired with cold beer, sake or if you’re a hard drinker, brandy. Cheers!

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