The Death Nut Challenge

Put your NUTS ON FIRE!!!

There’s a new challenge upon us and this time it has 5 progressive stages and a set of rules. This is the Death Nut Challenge and here are its levels:


  1. Getting Started: Ghost Peppers + Carolina Reaper Powder
  2. Warming Up: Scorpion Butch-T Peppers + Carolina Reaper Powder
  3. Heat & Flavor: Carolina Reaper Peppers, Chocolate Bhutla + Carolina Reaper Powder
  4. Pain Sets In: Carolina Reaper Peppers, 7 pot Douglah, 7 pot Brain Strain + Carolina Reapers Powder
  5. The Death Nut: Pepper-X Peppers, Carolina Reaper Peppers, Morgua Scorpion + Carolina Reaper Powder

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  • Eat each peanut slowly for at least 30 seconds then swallow.
  • Pause for 90 seconds but no more than 180 seconds and allow the peppers to fully bloom before moving to the next step.
  • Repeat steps 1 & 2 until all steps are completed.
  • Wait at least 5 minutes before drinking or eating anything else.

From the makers of Paqui One Chip Challenge, comes this challenge that would really make you love watching people subject themselves to this pain. Take for instance this anchor guy that tried this challenge, he really is a brave man and doing this stunt for what we assume are legion of fans. It would take a lot of convincing for these guy to try another challenge again. HAHAHA.. Watch the video and enjoy… or would you take on the challenge? Cheers!

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