The Flip side of each All-American Burger One Patty at a time…

The mission is impossible but someone has to do it…

We found this video of a Pinoy Food truck making a huge splash in America, representing Filipino cuisine in every inch of the continent.

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The slang word “Flip” is a term used to call members of the Filipino community in the states, but we guess it is used more as a descriptive word rather than a noun. We tend to loose our head whenever we experience a strong feeling or emotion. Flip N Patties has been sharing the gospel of good Filipino food in all corners of the USA, that we think should be replicated and applauded. Their Jeepney Burger and their Chicken Pupu is almost Filipino enough that it needs to be deported back to the islands. Great Job guys, hope you open shop right here in the Motherland! Cheers!

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