The Impossible Burger

Our cholesterol infused hearts are bleeding… Are the days of meat-free burger are upon us? Is it really the end of 100% GRADE A Pure Beef patties? Apparently not but we found this video that shows that the flame of revolution has conquered  White Castle Burgers.

At first, we didn’t get it, why go the distance for a meat-less burger by replacing with a patty that looks, smells and taste like one? Its like drinking Non-Alcoholic Beer or drinks, when you really wanted to get wasted. For us, it was a waste of time, a cause that was pointless until the effects on Global warming kicks in and the health benefits.

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Alam nyo kasi mga chong, dyahe kasi kung mainit, bibilis lagnatin ang beer natin plus dehins naman masama na humaba pa ang buhay natin para makainom pa ng malamig na beer. That’s why we will let Impossible burger pass, as long as masarap sya itulak sa beer. Di bale, wala pa namang Impossible Sisig! Cheers!

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Noooooooo! Dont touch our sisig!

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