How to “Flip” the Chinese National Dish?

These ducks are not FAKE.. their Peking Duck.. (Dad joke, sue me!)

Peking Duck is China’s National dish but how do they prepare, cook and serve this glorious pulu-nam (pulutan/ulam)?

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We bumped into this video and we thought it might inspire some of our kapuluts to put a Filipino twist into this Chinese National Dish. At least man dito, maka-conquer tayo maski pa-isa’t isa. Unlike our national dish, adobo, roasted duck takes a mirage of steps and preparation from the time it is prepared to the way they cook and serve it. This recipe is high in fat, as the duck offers on red meat. Best consumed with a hard drink to break down some of its grease. Each bite showcases a complex flavor and texture brought about by the process and procedure of its cooking and type of plating it is presented. Now, how do we “Flip” this dish as our own? Share your ideas on the comments sections. Cheers!

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