This Salad Pulutan has a SECRET…

You wont get over how FRESH this salad taste like

We found this video of people eating salad, no biggie… Alam namin it’s fresh, with finely chopped ingredients like green chilies, mint, cilantro… All that healthy stuff with vinegar and other aromatics and spices. But that really is not the reason why this dish is the FRESHEST.

This is jumping salad, a popular Asian dish and it has variations. For this video, we see still alive and swimming small fish. Its not tiny, its small, a good inch or so. The popular Pinoy version, small shrimps naman ang gamit. Is it safe to eat? Yes it is. The vinegar kills most of the “germs” for most of you germaphobes. While the rest, lalo na yung maliit na isda or hipon is killed by your teeth or stomach while you digest. GRAPHIC, right?! hahaha. Wash it all down with cold beer…. AHHHHHH Cheers!

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