You Won’t Expect It But This Sisig Was Pretty Good!

Now we all have our own favorite sisig places that’s been in the top whatever lists of whatever site or blog.  And we all agree in one way or the other that this sisig is better that this one based on taste, texture and oiliness factor.  We also have our traditional expectations on what a sisig should taste like.

Anyway, park those strong feelings for your sisig on a pedestal and open your mind to this new player.  Again, we’re not endorsing them, we just happen to pass by and was curious about their sisig.. coz their new and all.

The place is Kuya J’s.. now don’t hate yet.. the sisig was actually pretty good.  It’s the first time we actually got a taste of a sisig that’s little on the sweet side.  Not sure if it was intended or if it was just a pleasant release of natural sweetness from their prep and cooking process.. but it was pleasantly different.  The type where you’ll order an extra rice… gets dba?

So there.. let us know if it worked on you too. *virtual cheers* show some love, like, share and comment on facebook or instagram.  Subscribe on our YouTube – just search pulutan club, we’re up there. *wink*

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