Unlimited T-bone for P299…

You got us by unlimited…

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Your most affordable T-bone Steak just got better and this time you can add unlimited sides to that! Pyling’s has been offering the best affordable steak for the common Filipino and things have been better.

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In a show of loving back their patrons and new fans, Pylings is offering unlimited T-bone Steak and sides for only Php299. Starting 28th of April, 1pm to 3pm and 5pm to 7pm, each refill comes with buttered vegetables and your choice of mashed potato or rice.  Syempre, nandyan pa din ang solid sa sarap unlimited gravy to help put all that goodness go down smoothly. Its unlimited so nobody needs to share plus there is a no leftover policy. Food is a blessing, lets not waste it. Tara mga kapuluts, Lamon! Cheers!


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