Wag Kumain ng Pusit, this Chinese New Year!

Walang diet diet kung swerte ang pinag-uusapan, hala sige lamon!

You are what you eat and when the stakes are high you need a sprinkle of luck and charm so in this coming Chinese New Year of the Dog, start eating these and avoid the rest. Let’s get lucky, people!

1. Noodles – Noddles symbolizes longevity or long life so do not cut them, slurp in between breaths.

2. Oranges (kiat-kiat, tangerine or ponkan) – Filipinos have elevated this Chinese tradition by collecting 12 round fruits to symbolize money and the 12 months of the year.

3. Whole Chicken – Chicken symbolizes family but some Filipinos think of chicken as a bad omen too. ” Isang kahig, isang tuka”, lalo na pagsabungero, so go for that duck or roast pig instead.

4. Pomegranate – is a sign of unity and fertility because of its seeds

5. Sunflower or Melon Seeds (not the white ones) – it symbolize fertility too, kaya pala ang daming chinese sa mundo.

6. Chinese Pudding (Tikoy) – symbolizes a more prosperous new year.

7. Dumpling – symbolizes luck and years so the more you eat the more lucky and more years you live.

8. Whole Fish – symbolizes abundance, don’t take off the head

9. Egg Rolls or Spring Rolls – they looks like bars of gold and symbolizes wealth.

10. Do not eat White colored food – White color symbolizes death in Chinese Culture

11. Do not eat Squid – is a symbol of badluck or change of fortune.

There you have it, did we miss something, for deep explanations of the items, check the video, if you want to add something to the list, we want to see it in the comments section. Cheers!

Video: The Chen Dynasty

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