Its a slight FAIL and here’s why…

The Pitmaster is a Youtube channel that features a lot of roasting and grilling. Its the go-to channel for tips and instructions to proper roast and grill techniques.

On this episode that we found, they are attempting to replicate the traditional Filipino Lechon Recipe and here’s the things that we are disappointed.

  1. HE CUT OFF THE EARS… the ears are the most crispiest part of the pig, covering it with aluminum foil would greatly lessen the burning of the crispy tender tendon.
  2. HE DIDNT ONLY USED ONE PIECE OF PEPPER… Those that he used are “siling haba” or siling haba are not spicy kind of pepper, its an aromatic kind.
  3. HE DIDNT USE WOOD OR CHARCOAL… This technique will add some distinct flavor profiles especially the SMOKY aroma.
  4. THE SKIN WAS CRACKED… most lechon maker on the country will always remember to keep the skin crispy and whole.
  5. HE ATE THAT LECHON WITH NO RICE.. What on earth is happening? Lechon will always best eaten with rice and spiced vinegar.