Bakit-List Post Inuman Food-Binge

Photo by: Miguel Ligot

Sinabi ko na dati na di na mauulit ulit… Guess what??? I did it again.

Being a veteran drinker, I pride myself to have drunk my fair amount share of booze even more but who’s counting? Certainly not me.

And during those times when the booze gets the better of me, and trust me it almost always wins, i find myself munching on things health experts would frown about. Yes. Shame Shame Shame. So here is my list of Bakit-List Food binge after a night out with the dabarkads.

Top of the list are cheap burger joints. Yes sir! The heaven sent Angel’s Burger and 90″s rage Burger Machine. What do they put on those patties that makes them sobrang sarap lalo na pag warak na warak ka na? But how can it be the “beef” patty when in fact it will take you a few bites to hit an inch of it. Unless mahilig ka talaga sa tinapay, this is the food post-inuman for you.

That Pares Pares meal or that neighborhood silog place near the house. I guess its more of preventing hangovers, this staple for the average alcoholic will either prep you up for a nice sleep or keep you awake sa daming bitzin na nilagay. Its always an easy fix too. Place an order, wait and BAMMM!!! Fried rice, sunny side up egg and your choice of main dish. And oh boy, the choices are almost endless. Fried Chicken, Pork Chop, Longanisa, Hotdog, Pares, the ultimate Tapa and if your lucky SPAM. You can even mix and match and have yourself your very own combo meal. I go for PORK-Tap-Long-Silog, that’s the killer right there.

Beggars cant be choosers. And if you find yourself, cash strapped after an epic night. The best recourse is your homey fridige at home. Leftovers, that’s the money maker. From cold pansit to cold ulam to your “ano nga ba ulit ito” to baby food. (thats another story altogether) Just last week, i came across this box in my best-friend’s room. I opened it and loo and behold; two things that looked to be donuts to my half shut, full-on drunk AF eyes. So i ate it, totally remorseless, more than ever satisfied, forever be grateful for such a thoughtful friend. Morning came, a quick-flash woke me up and a friend, who’s grin i can measure, as wide as the shoreline of Boracay. (see picture below)

Half a month old donuts, never tasted so good.

Share your wild after inuman food binge below in the comments section.



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