Beer Goggles in FULL EFFECT!!!

Not even a bad case of beer goggles can explain this wizardry!!!

Men are gullible. We are easily manipulated by women. Whoever first thought that we are the stronger gender got it dead wrong. We are easily swayed by the bid and call of women, lalo na yung OMG sa ganda or sexy. We are just plain puppy to their hands. The worst of all, women know this and in so many ways take advantage of their power.

We found this video of women magically deceiving our eyes. God knows, they are all beautiful and wonderful people but the travesty and manipulation should stop. Yes lads and gents, you are not wearing any beer googles and if you are right now. May heaven bless your soul, you don’t have the powers to withstand the powers of these women. Cheers!

Video: Everything Channel

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